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Trump taps former Bush aide Tom Bossert as counter-terror adviser

President-elect Donald Trump has picked Tom Bossert, former President George W. Bush’s national security aide, to serve as his counter-terrorism adviser.

Bossert will serve as assistant to the president for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, which will have an expanded role under Trump’s administration.

“Tom brings enormous depth and breadth of knowledge and experience to protecting the homeland to our senior White House team,” Trump said in a statement. “He has a handle on the complexity of homeland security, counter-terrorism, and cybersecurity challenges. He will be an invaluable asset to our administration.”

Bossert’s role will grant him “independent status alongside” Trump’s choice for National Security Advisor, retired Gen. Michael Flynn. Bossert will focus on protecting the United States from counter-terrorism threats, while Flynn will focus on “international security challenges.”

Bossert is currently a fellow at the Atlantic Council’s Cyber Statecraft Initiative.

In a statement, Bossert suggested cybersecurity is a priority for his new job, saying the United States must work toward a “cyber doctrine that reflects the wisdom of free markets, private competition and the important but limited role of government in establishing and enforcing the rule of law, honoring the rights of personal property, the benefits of free and fair trade, and the fundamental principles of liberty.”


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