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8 Apps for Boosting Productivity in 2017

Years pass by, but business owners’ requests remain the same or even become bigger. If we can conclude from the number of business-enhancing tools that have been emerging over the past few years, we can expect an even greater demand for productivity-boosting apps in 2017. Since both entrepreneurs and software solutions are becoming more sophisticated, it is imperative to properly assess your needs and get the tools that will improve your business. Here is an overview of eight powerful options that will enable you to organize your business with ease.

G Suite

A popular set of tools for business owners with moderate organizational needs, G Suite is a great option for economical SME owners. The major benefit of G Suite on Google Cloud is that it offers a vast array of practical options for free. That way, you can create, edit and synchronize various business documents or presentations with Google Documents, Spreadsheets and Slides. Additionally, every single bit of information can be stored on your account (up to 15GB of free storage space). It is available on various devices and useful for any sort of business.


Running a business does not only mean creating new materials. More often than not, you need to follow innovations in your niche and collect data related to your rivals or current affairs. This is where Evernote takes the stage. With this cutting-edge app, you can make and save business notes in both text and audio formats. Apart from that, you can use it to store important business stories by clipping them from various websites. Building a resourceful library of business-related content will improve your market analysis and lead to better productivity.


In line with the statement that modern entrepreneurs need to analyze their market and competition, we bring the Pocket app. With this tool you can save all sorts of online features. From infographics and videos to articles and presentations, store any type of relevant content for later use. For example, you could divide your day into the information-gathering part and the data analysis period. Pocket will ensure that you retain a high level of productivity throughout your work day.

Shift Planning

If you need an all-inclusive business planning tool, Shift Planning is the right option for you. This app can come in handy for business owners whose business needs are growing. It enables you to easily manage your workers’ schedules and supervise their attendance. Moreover, you can notify you staff members on any changes in their work schedules via practical notification nudges. Also, you can send them a text message on their mobile phones to make sure they get fresh updates. Finally, planning vacations has never been easier, since both you and your employees can arrange the vacation schedule together in this app.


Many online and offline businesses depend on their presence in social media. Following every single network per se is a cumbersome and inefficient way to handle them. HootSuite will make these actions an enjoyable and smooth experience. Its simple dashboard enables every business owner to post content to various social media, as well as to create post schedules. Moreover, this solution can be used to distribute promotional tasks to your staff, as well as track efficiency of your social media efforts.


An average business owner uses dozens of various solutions that demand a password. However, using the same pass for all your online needs is a hazardous habit. Therefore, you should have several passwords for various purposes. Having more passwords increases the probability that you will forget them. For instance, sometimes you might need to sign in on a computer that is not yours. What will you do if you cannot remember your pass? Well, you will turn to the LastPass app. This app not only stores your old passwords, but it can also be used to generate new ones. As for the security measures, it contains a reliable encryption system and has proven to be a secure software tool.

Hemingway App

The modern online environment is brimming with all kinds of content. Because of that, Google has introduced numerous innovations to eliminate junk content from its yard. In order to make your website qualify for the Ivy League of well-written content, you can use the Hemingway App editor. It serves as an online editor that will help you write informative articles in a smooth and reader-friendly way. Nevertheless, this app is not a writer, so do ensure that you collaborate with skillful and experienced authors.


Productivity tools are not strictly limited to software solutions. Assuming that every business owner has a smartphone, we recommend an extremely practical podcast feature named ProdPod. This program delivers audio episodes not longer than two minutes. They bring different examples of productive work organization and self-rewarding actions, as well as analyze various productivity-enhancing materials. Due to their brevity, you can listen to them in all sorts of situations, from public buses to lunch breaks.

Use Tech Wisely

New technological solutions are produced as we speak. What is imperative is to recognize which of them you may benefit from. Therefore, you need to follow innovations related to your niche and spot the options that meet your demands. The apps presented in this article will help you boost your productivity and become a prolific business venture.

Elise Morgan

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