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National Napping Day offers reprieve from Daylight Saving blahs

Unsteady sleepers whose schedules were thrown out of whack by Daylight Saving Time might want to take a few moments Monday to observe National Napping Day.

National Napping Day, which is observed each year on the Monday following the “spring forward” time change, encourages observers to grab an afternoon rest.

The holiday was created in 1999 by Boston University professor William Anthony and his wife, Camille, as a means of spreading awareness of the health benefits from afternoon naps.

“We chose this particular Monday because Americans are more ‘nap-ready’ than usual after losing an hour of sleep to daylight saving time,” Anthony said in marking the fifth annual National napping Day in 2004.

Numerous studies have indicated a quick 10-20 minute nap in the afternoon can increase alertness and productivity as well as have a positive impact on the napper’s mood.

“Our goal is to show America that napping is ‘no pain with great gain,'” Anthony said.

Several prominent historical figures and celebrities have been known to espouse the benefits of afternoon naps, including Abraham Lincoln and Michael Jordan.


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