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Good Samaritans rescue goose caught on fishing line in Canada

A group of friends in Canada helped rescue a goose they found caught in some fishing line at a local river.

Two men cut the line off the distressed goose after hearing it was making strange noises and swimming into the water to to capture it.

“This is why you don’t leave your fishing equipment in the water,” one man said. “Clean up after yourself.”

The pair cut some of the wire off the goose’s legs and then spread its wings to check for more before finding some near its neck.

One man carefully restrained the goose while grabbing its neck while calmly reassuring the bird by saying “it’s OK, buddy.”

After pulling the remaining pieces of fishing line off the goose’s neck, it began to struggle while the men ensured all of the line had been removed.

Once the goose had calmed down and their check was complete they sent the goose on its way as it spread its wings and sauntered back into the water, leaving its rescuers covered in feathers.


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