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Lightning storm blazes across Queensland skies


Severe storms have brought heavy rain and a spectacle of lightning to Australia’s Queensland, with lightning bolts ripping across the night skies for hours.

There were over 176,000 lightning strikes overnight – with more expected on Monday.

Queensland’s bureau of Meteorology has warned of more “severe thunderstorms”, “damaging winds and large hailstones”.

The storm damaged a number of houses and left thousands without power.

The turbulent weather had photographers and storm chasers glued to the skies, with many capturing stunning shots of the lightning strikes.

“The sky was electric for hours, certainly more than usual storms,” Brisbane photographer Steph Doyle told the BBC.

“It would erupt in bursts, lighting up the entire sky, then calming momentarily before continuing the electric display.”

Local energy provider Energexx said more than 4,000 homes were left without power as a result of the storms.

In Brisbane the storm lasted for around three hours throughout Sunday evening, but stirred again in the early hours of the morning.

Authorities warn that the storm will likely continue to hit southeast Queensland with more damages expected.

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