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First-class flight in a laundry

As travel buffs collectively vow to never again complain about middle seats, bad in-flight food and lousy seatmates amid a worldwide travel ban, one man has shown that a first-class flying experience is still very much possible in isolation, in a very popular TikTok video.

The clip begins with a close-up of a plane’s wing as it flies over a body of water; the captain’s voice can be heard crackling over the PA speaker.

As the frame zooms out to show a passenger sipping on a glass of wine, and Enya’s Only Time plays, it’s soon apparent that what we’re looking at is an electronic tablet playing in-flight vision — from the other side of a washing machine door.

The man then picks up his passport and closes his fake tray table (a ring binder folder), and the frame widens once again to show the gentleman sitting on the floor of a dishevelled laundry.

TikTok user Jeroen Gortworst (@jeroengortworst) was on his final day of home quarantine when he came up with the idea to turn his laundry room into a first-class cabin.

The clip has since amassed more than 40 million views since being shared to Facebook, and has inspired hundreds of online copycats around the world.

Some creative TikTokers have even added their own travel flavour to their versions, including details like sleeping masks, travel pillows and yep, even pampered pooches.

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