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Is Brave my Chrome browser replacement?

Brave is a free and open-source web browser developed by Brave Software, Inc. based on the Chromium web browser. It blocks ads and website trackers, and provides a way for users to send cryptocurrency contributions in the form of Basic Attention Tokens to websites and content creators.

A Browser Built to Perform

Your web browser is the most important tool on your computer; it hosts your entire online life. You use it to connect with friends, stream your favorite TV shows, pay bills, and maybe even to earn your living — which is why it should consistently deliver the best performance. You have choices, so choose a browser that works hard to make your online life as fast as it can possibly be.

With 3x faster page load times than Google Chrome,33% less memory usage, and up to one hour more battery life, Brave is the browser that’s built to perform. Unlike Google Chrome, Brave automatically blocks ads that track you, allowing your content to load quicker. And since Brave is powered by the same engine as Google Chrome, all of your favorite Chrome extensions are still readily available for use. The difference? Brave delivers superior performance because of our commitment to protect user privacy. It’s truly a win-win.

Brave Is Built For Speed

Brave is extremely fast. On your computer, Brave loads pages 3x as fast as Google Chrome. On your phone, it’s even faster. These speeds don’t happen by accident. By blocking ads and trackers automatically, Brave saves time by downloading less.

When you browse with Google Chrome, your private information, including the websites you visit, is collected and saved so that Google and their partners can target you with invasive ads. That’s right: your browsing experience is being compromised so that advertisers, big tech companies, and other nosy nobodies can make a buck. Brave blocks this garbage automatically so that your content can load at maximum speed.

Curious to know all of the creepy stuff that Brave has blocked during your browsing session? Just click the Brave lion logo next to your search bar to find out what Brave’s built-in blocker, Brave Shields, is up to.

No more annoying pop-up blocker notifications like those you get with Google Chrome. Managing Brave Shields is just as easy. To disable blocking on a particular site, adjust your Shields settings and continue on your way.

High-Performance, Low Impact

Computers can only store so much information and perform so many instructions before they start slowing down. Brave puts less strain on your computer’s performance than Google Chrome regardless of how much you ask of it. Even with multiple tabs open at once, Brave uses less memory than Google Chrome — like, up to 66% less. That means your computer can effortlessly run other programs in the background.

Brave also beats out Google Chrome in battery use, consuming 35% less battery in tests on mobile. Brave has been shown to outperform every other popular mobile browser in energy consumption, saving over one hour of battery life compared to Google Chrome.

So, by all means, feel free to play Animal Crossing and run music in the background without worrying about running out of juice. Brave is built to make sure that your time spent online is time (and power) well spent.

Browsing Made Easy

Just like Google Chrome, Brave works across all devices, from mobile to desktop. Use Brave Sync to securely share your saved bookmarks, settings, and passwords so that you can seamlessly transition between screens. Once synced, getting logged out of Instagram on your phone is no big deal. Your laptop remembers the password.

We’ve also made it easy to switch from your old browser to Brave without losing any of your saved information. Simply Download Brave and select “Import” to instantly replicate your entire workspace. Find everything from your top visited websites to how much time you’ve saved since downloading Brave on the new tab page. Whether you want to manage your bookmarks or use a different default search engine, all of the tools you need to customize your browsing experience are located in easy-to-find places. Because the only place you should be searching for things is on the Internet.

Many of today’s popular web browsers are stealing your time, data, and battery life. Take back control of your time spent online. Download Brave to kick-start a better browsing experience.

What You Do Online Is Your Business

Remember that time you searched for blenders on your phone, then saw an ad for one while scrolling through YouTube on your laptop right after? It’s no coincidence: Google is deliberately following you. Every site you visit, every password you enter, every video you download, and every purchase you make can be stored and shared by your browser without your knowledge or consent…so that advertisers, corporations, and other nosy nellies can make billions in annual profits. Together with Facebook and Amazon, Google sweeps in over two-thirds of all digital ad dollars by monitoring your online behavior to generate sales.

The Brave browser is built to protect you from this exploitative surveillance economy. Unlike Google Chrome, which individually identifies and tracks users while they browse, Brave ensures that your data remains private and on your device. And whereas Google Chrome hoards your browsing history, Brave never has and never will save your private information. No offense, but we don’t want to know you that well.

Protect Your Digital Footprint

Whenever you browse with Chrome, Google and other tech giants are invited to monetize your personal data by following you around as you browse. These third parties use trackers: tools that can monitor your location, demographics, purchase history…even the movement of your mouse Trackers are integral to Google’s business model. In fact, the top five most common tracking tools are all Google-owned.

Brave blocks trackers by default, so that you can browse freely and anonymously. From foiling attempts to record your online activity to preventing the installation of malware on your computer, Brave’s built-in blocking tool, Brave Shields, works overtime to stop online stalkers in their tracks. It not only makes your browser and your browsing activity harder to recognize, it automatically upgrades you to the most secure connection available every time you visit a new website.

Browsing, Uninterrupted
Using trackers, invasive ads collect your personal information to pressure you into making a purchase. Google Chrome allows for autoplay videos, huge banner ads, and other distractions to interfere with your Internet surfing experience. What’s worse, Google can continue to collect your data even if you explicitly ask them not to.


Chrome requires you to download apps and manually adjust your settings to stay protected. Brave blocks creepy ads automatically, so the responsibility of installing and managing ad blockers doesn’t rest on you. Keep ads hidden or opt-in to view privacy-respecting Brave Ads and earn rewards. Every ad that you’re served in Brave is pre-approved by our team and tracker-free, so you never have to worry about being followed. Your personal information never leaves the Brave browser.

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