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Woman horrified after discovering outline of ‘body’ with case number under carpet

A TikTok video has gone viral after a horrified woman pulled up her carpet to find the outline of a ‘dead body’ on the floor below.

The bizarre discovery shows TikTok user @dontbeanashole peeling away the carpet to show what appeared to be the hallmarks of an old crime scene.

The wood floor was rough and discoloured and there is even a number written in black marker pen saying “Case091101”.

The woman said: “I wasn’t bothered knowing someone had died in my new house, but imagine my surprise when I ripped up the floor and found this”.

She added: “Ok but this is actually a little creepy.”

She sarcastically captioned the video: “It’s cool. Everything is fine”.

There is even a date written out on the floor – marking the 19/01/2018.

The creepy video has been watched more than 4.8million times with thousands of likes and comments.


It’s cool. Everything is fine. 😅 ##newhouse ##creepy ##diyhomedecor

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Another commented: “So that’s the moment when I would simply… move.”

A third joked: “RIP you, aye.”

A fourth suggested: “Whoever installed the carpet drew that to freak out whoever removed the carpet.”

And a fifth added: “Ya’ll are gullible. That’s not even the proportions of a human body.”

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