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Women capture the moment they confront ‘creep’ who took photos of them by pool [Video]


stay safe out there ladies. decided to confront a creep taking pics of us when we were just trying to hang by the pool. HE TRIED DENYING IT.

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A group of brave, young women captured on film the moment they confronted a ‘creepy’ man, who they caught taking photos of them while they sunbathed next to a pool.

TikTok user @maiphammy and her friends noticed the man taking snaps of them on his phone, and decided to record the moment they approached him and demanded he delete the pictures. 

“Excuse me, I’d really appreciate if you deleted the photos of us off your phone,” one of the girls can be heard saying in a voice recording which was labelled ‘creep.’

The clip then cuts to the man denying he had taken any pictures of them, only for the girls to demand he went onto his camera roll to prove it.

His hands can be seen visibly trembling as he goes onto his camera roll and the girls see dozens of photos of themselves sitting in his camera roll, while they demand he deletes them.

“Can you please delete them,” one of the girls says, to which the man replies, “yes mam,” before attempting to put his phone down.

“No, delete them right in front of our face,” the girls, who were as young as 18, demanded, before the man deleted all the pictures he had taken.

At one point one of the women noticed the man had taken a video of her and demanded he delete that too.

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