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Morgan Freeman to voice Mark Zuckerberg’s ‘Jarvis’ home AI

Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed Morgan Freeman will provide the voice of his new home AI system “Jarvis.”

Zuckerberg shared a video showing off a “fun summary” of Jarvis’ features including Freeman’s voice providing information and responding to Zuckerberg’s commands.

Zuckerberg asked for suggestions for the AI’s voice in October and while he received a somewhat tongue-in-cheek offer from Robert Downy Jr., the public overwhelmingly requested Freeman.

In an interview with Fast Company about Jarvis, Zuckerberg said he didn’t consider Freeman voicing the AI to be a possibility until he saw him at the Breakthrough Awards in December.

“I called him after and I said, ‘Hey, I posted this thing, and…thousands of people want you to be the voice. Will you do it?'” Zuckerberg said.

Freeman accepted Zuckerberg’s proposal and is set to record a limited set of commands to serve as Jarvis’ voice.

None of the parties involved have revealed whether Freeman will be financially compensated in any way for providing the voice-over.


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