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T-Mobile sends update that kills recalled Samsung Galaxy Note 7

TMobile has become the first cellphone carrier to send out an update to the recalled Samsung Galaxy Note 7 handsets that will effectively make the device useless by preventing it from being charged.

The phones also will display an on-screen message about the recall, according to a posting by TMobile on Tuesday.

AT&T and Sprint users will receive the updates on Jan. 5 but Verizon hasn’t agreed to the update.

Battery problems have plagued the device, and after two global recalls, Samsung announced on Oct. 11 production was ceased. A total 2.5 million devices were sold, including 1 million in the United States, where it went on the market on Aug. 19.

Samsung revealed that it expects to lose $3.1 billion over two quarters because the Galaxy Note 7 was taken off the market.

The carriers agreed on the killer update after some Note 7 owners continued to use their devices despite the recall and incidents of batteries exploding, smoking or catching fire. About 7 percent devices sold in the United States were still being used two weeks ago, Samsung said.

Customers are urged to immediately power down and and bring it back to a carrier’s store for a full refund and a replacement device.

Samsung is offering a $100 bill credit to customers who exchange the device for another Samsung smartphone.

The Department of Transportation banned all of the recalled devices form airplanes on Oct. 15.


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