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New perfume captures fragrance of kitten fur

A New York-based fragrance company has released a new perfume to allow cat lovers to recreate the scent of kitten fur.

The new fragrance by Demeter Fragrance Library, accurately named Kitten Fur, was manufactured to capture the smell of the “PURRfect spot” just behind a kitten’s neck.

“15 years in the making, we’ve captured the olfactory essence of warmth and comfort,” the company said. “Cat lover or not, this beautiful scent is sure to satisfy your curiosity!”

The exclusive fragrance is available on Demeter Fragrance’s website in a variety of sizes and prices, ranging from a half-ounce cologne mini splash for $6 to a 4-ounce atmosphere diffuser oil for $25.

Some of Demeter Fragrance’s other most popular scents include baby powder, gin and tonic, moon beam and cannabis flower.


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