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California restaurant owner crafts pizza made entirely out of cheese

A pizzeria owner in California decided to challenge himself to make a gluten-free pizza entirely out of cheese.

Vito Iacopelli, owner of Hollywood pizzeria Prova, crafted the unusual pie, which he dubbed “Mo-Pizza” as a project for his YouTube channel, where he shares pizza-making tips and recipes.

Iacopelli said he was making fresh mozzarella for a pizza Napoletana when he cooked up the idea to create the breadless pizza for those avoiding carbs.

“I came up with this idea because on my YouTube channel, every week I create a special pizza that doesn’t exist in the world,” he told the Los Angeles Times. “I was making fresh mozzarella for my pizza and decided: Why not try to make a whole pizza with mozzarella? And actually it came out fantastic.”

Iacopelli begins the process by stretching curds with a wooden spoon to make the mozzarella and then flattening it into a round pizza dough shape.

He then dips the cheese in cold water to stop the stretching process and tops the pizza-shaped circle of cheese with fresh basil, tomatoes, oregano, sea salt and more mozzarella.

The Mo-Pizza is not on Prova’s menu, but it is available on Friday and Saturday nights for $40. It’s meant to serve two.


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